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Big Tony’s PokerKard – Model T4 USA – Restoring CloneZilla and dd Drive Images…

You will need: (2) USB Thumb Drives / Keys Narrow and thin or they won’t all fit!  (I really like these Kingston drives…) One 2GB or larger One 8GB or larger USB keyboard Big Tony’s PokerKard hardware (properly installed in the Big Tony’s PokerKard cabinet) Proper BIOS Settings for the PC (BIOS settings are below the images) Big Tony’s PokerKard… Read more →

My Adventures with Big Tony’s Pokerkard – Tear down, repair, troubleshooting, etc. (Fixed!)

All of the content on this page is aimed at helping owners troubleshoot, repair, and service their game.  If a legitimate request to remove any of the material posted here surfaces, I will honor the request.   Recently I picked up a Big Tony’s Pokerkard arcade video/gambling game/machine.  It does not boot all the way into the game, but the… Read more →

RevisionX – Elegant Conky Theme For Linux Mint/Ubuntu Distributions (Modified/Improved Gotham)

Conky is system monitor software for X (aka, Linux desktop).  I find that most of the themes out there really don’t suit my taste, and wanted to modify an existing theme (Gotham) to add CPU, memory, and network utilization.  I ended up with a theme that’s elegant and does everything I wanted (albeit Android-ish). If you haven’t installed Conky, it’s… Read more →