Month: November 2014

Python Port: Introduction to Programming in Java – An Interdisciplinary Approach

So I’ve been teaching myself Java.  My textbook of preference is Introduction to Programming Java – An Interdisciplinary Approach by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne.   Because I currently work in Python, I decided to port the programs as I go and uploading them to Google Code.  A bit of a grind, but I believe, worthwhile. Dec 02, 2014:  Chapter 1… Read more →

RevisionX – Elegant Conky Theme For Linux Mint/Ubuntu Distributions (Modified/Improved Gotham)

Conky is system monitor software for X (aka, Linux desktop).  I find that most of the themes out there really don’t suit my taste, and wanted to modify an existing theme (Gotham) to add CPU, memory, and network utilization.  I ended up with a theme that’s elegant and does everything I wanted (albeit Android-ish). If you haven’t installed Conky, it’s… Read more →