SnapMaker v2.0 A350 Journal

November 1, 2019 – Dec 13th, 2020: 1 year and 43 days from the day I paid for the SnapMaker A350, it arrived. Their packaging is really top notch. Unboxing and assembly was straightforward and the manual was clear and easy to follow. Everything about the assembly was great – the manual is clear and everything went together without any… Read more →

Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon Manually Add Application to Cinnamon Menu and Panel

The Newshosting application installs itself to the desktop but not to the Cinnamon menu, so there is no “right-click > Add to Panel” option. Here’s a quick way to add an item to the Cinnamon menu. First, you need a script to launch your application. Something like: #!/bin/bash/home/myusername/myawesomeapp –param1 –param2 You’ll want to save this script and make it executable…sudo… Read more →

Workaround: Latest Apple macOS Sierra InstallOS.dmg contains a broken createinstallmedia binary

NOTE: This page describes how to create a working USB install drive using the latest official Apple macOS Sierra InstallOS.dmg (10.12.6) directly from Apple’s support site. It assumes you already know how to properly erase your USB drive using Disk Utility and have imaged USB drives before using the methods provided by Apple. The following link to Apple’s support page… Read more →

Wolverine Digital Movie Maker Pro

This post will detail my adventures with a Wolverine Digital Movie Maker Pro unit that I ordered a few days ago. I purchased mine direct from the manufacturer because they offered a $20 coupon whereas other sites (Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo) did not. Prior to purchasing this unit I solicited several estimates from reputable professionals. I have around 60 total… Read more →

Big Tony’s PokerKard – Model T4 USA – Restoring CloneZilla and dd Drive Images…

You will need: (2) USB Thumb Drives / Keys Narrow and thin or they won’t all fit!  (I really like these Kingston drives…) One 2GB or larger One 8GB or larger USB keyboard Big Tony’s PokerKard hardware (properly installed in the Big Tony’s PokerKard cabinet) Proper BIOS Settings for the PC (BIOS settings are below the images) Big Tony’s PokerKard… Read more →

My Adventures with Big Tony’s Pokerkard – Tear down, repair, troubleshooting, etc. (Fixed!)

All of the content on this page is aimed at helping owners troubleshoot, repair, and service their game.  If a legitimate request to remove any of the material posted here surfaces, I will honor the request.   Recently I picked up a Big Tony’s Pokerkard arcade video/gambling game/machine.  It does not boot all the way into the game, but the… Read more →

Wasabi Mango Pixel Perfect UHD420 42″ 4K TV – Details, Experience, & Review (Avoid)

Recently, I decided to purchase a Wasabi-Mango UHD420 42″ 4K monitor on eBay.  The specs look great – 60Hz on DisplayPort and a LG IPS panel.   Here’s my experience.   Packaging:  Excellent!   Looks Nice!   Feet installed:   Image is very nice, but the back lighting isn’t quite even throughout.  I tried many images, and dynamic back lighting as… Read more →