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Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Python, Firefox, Selenium, and Webdriver – Headless Edition

I have a few browser automation tasks set up to run using cron on my home NAS (Ubuntu / Linux Mint 17), but ran into trouble with Selenium’s webdriver throwing exceptions due to my NAS being headless.   There is a very simple workaround for this problem – create a bash/shell script that you will call from cron, give it the… Read more →

Python Port: Introduction to Programming in Java – An Interdisciplinary Approach

So I’ve been teaching myself Java.  My textbook of preference is Introduction to Programming Java – An Interdisciplinary Approach by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne.   Because I currently work in Python, I decided to port the programs as I go and uploading them to Google Code.  A bit of a grind, but I believe, worthwhile. Dec 02, 2014:  Chapter 1… Read more →