RevisionX – Elegant Conky Theme For Linux Mint/Ubuntu Distributions (Modified/Improved Gotham)

Conky is system monitor software for X (aka, Linux desktop).  I find that most of the themes out there really don’t suit my taste, and wanted to modify an existing theme (Gotham) to add CPU, memory, and network utilization.  I ended up with a theme that’s elegant and does everything I wanted (albeit Android-ish).


If you haven’t installed Conky, it’s easy:  sudo apt-get install conky

My “conkyrc” (config file) is located here:  .conkyrc

Just save the file as “.conkyrc” in your home folder (or copy paste the text into an editor and do the same).  From a terminal window, you can type “conky &” to test it out and tweak (the ampersand backgrounds the process.)  I am running a high resolution (2560×1600) so you will need to adjust “gap_x” and “gap_y” accordingly for your display (try setting your “gap_x” to something like 1420 and it should be in a visible area at 1920×1080).  Conky will update “live” – in other words, edit the file and save it and it will update – you don’t have to kill conky between edits or close your text editor, etc.

Once tweaked, add conky to your “Startup Applications” and enjoy!

Here are some screenshots of my desktop with various wallpapers:


Source wallpaper (1920×1080)



Source wallpaper (2362×1292)



Source wallpaper (1920×1080)

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